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November 2020

Constantinos Kilimiris has been named as a Patent Leader in Greece by IAM Global Leaders, a publication showcasing the world’s elite patent practitioners.

June 2020

The Greek Patent and Trademark Offices have resumed their normal operation and the measures adopted to address the pandemic of Covid-19 have not been extended after 12 June 2020.

June 2020

The IAM Patent 1000 rankings have been released for 2020 and Patrinos & Kilimiris have once again been ranked in the gold tier ranking, with two individual attorneys Constantinos Kilimiris and Manolis Metaxakis being recognized as leading practitioners and ranked in the gold and silver tier rankings respectively.

May 2020

The application of the measures taken in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic is extended up to 31 May 2020 as regards court hearings and 12 June 2020 as regards the suspension of deadlines provided by the patent and trademark offices.

March 2020

In view of the measures taken in relation to the pandemic of COVID-19, all court hearings scheduled as of 13 March are suspended. Furthermore, all trademark related deadlines, including deadlines for payment falling due as of 11 March are extended by two months. All deadlines for the submission of documents before the patent office falling due as of 11 March are also extended by two months. However deadlines for payments to the patent office are not extended.

March 2020

A new trademark law has come into force implementing Directive EU) 2015/2436. The new law abolishes ex-officio examination on relative grounds. Furthermore, unlike appeals against decisions in opposition proceedings which are filed before the Administrative Courts, appeals against decisions in cancellation actions will now be filed before the Single Bench Civil Court of First Instance. Read more

December 2019

According to Law No. 4640/2019, as amended by Law 4647/2019, a compulsory mediation procedure is going to be applied for various kinds of disputes, including infringement of IP rights. These measures relate to an attempt to solve said disputes out-of-court, following a certain mediation procedure, as an obligatory stage before filing the corresponding main action, and shall apply from March 15th 2020 onwards.

June 2019

Patrinos & Kilimiris have been listed as highly recommended in the 2019 IAM Patent 1000 guide, one of the world’s leading resources to Patent Professionals. Constantinos Kilimiris is also listed in the top tier of recommended individuals.

April 2019

Further to amendments introduced to the patent law (by law 4605/2019), the recordal of patent license agreements has become compulsory. The same law introduced important changes in provisions relating to compulsory licenses and made the online filing of patent applications compulsory.

March 2019

Patrinos & Kilimiris have been listed in the silver tier of “The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals” 2019 edition, published by The World Trademark Review 1000, while Maria Kilimiris, Electra Kilimiris and Manolis Metaxakis are listed as recommended experts.

December 2018

As the Christmas Holiday Season is approaching we would like to inform you that our office shall remain closed between December 24 and December 26, 2018 (both dates inclusive), on December 31, 2018 and on January 01, 2019.

November 2018

Constantinos Kilimiris was recognized as being one of the world’s leading Life Sciences lawyers after research conducted among clients and peers by Who’s Who Legal.

November 2018

George Panagopoulos was interviewed by Bridget Diakun of World Trademark Review on the suspension of compulsory mediation in Greece. His interview is available here.


November 2018

Patrinos & Kilimiris was ranked as a top tier firm for Intellectual Property in this year’s Legal 500 edition while Constantinos and Maria Kilimiris were also named as Leading Lawyers.

October 2018

The application of compulsory mediation, which was scheduled to take effect in Greece as of 17 October 2018, has been suspended for a year, following decision by the Minister of Justice after the provisions regarding compulsory mediation were found to be contrary to art. 20.1 of the Greek Constitution by the Supreme Court.

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