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A Century of Achievements

Evangelos Patrinos was a Greek Engineer who was born and raised in Russia as many Greeks were in the 19th and early 20th centuries. He graduated from the renowned École Centrale, of Paris and was fluent in Russian, French, German and Greek.


At the time of the Russian Revolution he was working as Director in an Electrical Power Station in Berdiansk and was taken prisoner by the Bolshevik forces. As a result of the intervention of the factory workers, who held him in deep esteem and admired him, he was set free.


He fled to Greece, where in 1919, he established the first Intellectual Property Firm in the country by means of filing Patent Applications that were ordered by his University peers in France.


In 1955, the Greek Lawyers’ Bar decided that only lawyers were authorized to file Patent Applications and despite a number of complaints the situation did not change. A lawyer was subsequently hired at the Office as work had started expanding.


Upon Evangelos Patrinos’ death, his brother Andreas Patrinos, also an Electrical Engineer, who had graduated from the University of Grenoble, took over the firm and soon thereafter, his daughter Anna Patrinos succeeded him. Anna Patrinos first studied Political Science and then Law at the University of Salonica and possessed all the necessary qualifications and experience to manage the firm.


Her marriage to Tassos Kilimiris (a Law graduate from the University of Athens) meant they were able to join forces, creating together Patrinos & Kilimiris, a firm that was to become one of the leading IP firms in Greece.


Patrinos & Kilimiris is now in the hands of the third generation, Anna and Tassos’ children, Constantinos, Maria and Electra Kilimiris (two lawyers and a linguist) who continue to take pride in maintaining the values originally established a century ago, as well as the strong reputation for excellence that has distinguished the firm over its entire history.

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