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Anna Patrinos - Kilimiris

Anna Patrinos-Kilimiris together with her late husband, Tassos Kilimiris, founded Patrinos & Kilimiris, the law firm that continued  the legacy of being the first exclusive IP Law firm in Greece, which was pioneered by her uncle Evangelos Patrinos in 1919.

Anna was admitted to the Athens Court of Appeals in 1968 and to the Supreme Court of Greece and the Council of State in 1985. She received her LL.B. degree from the University of Thessaloniki Law School. She was a member of the Athens Bar Association, the European Patent Institute, the ECTA, AIPPI, FICPI, and ITMA, often representing Greece in the respective Committees.


Anna’s strong personality and dedication to IP, along with her experience in handling and resolving complex legal matters have greatly contributed to the expansion of the firm and its reputation in the international IP legal community.

Anna is now retired, but is always present at the office to offer valuable counselling and expertise, resulting from her vast experience.

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